I was called back out again to a previous clients property to help make their jungle of a backyard into a useable space for their kids to play. I think they were just hoping to be able to put a trampoline up at best given the state of the area. Their property is very hilly with lots of rocks among the surface.

Not to worry though, I could see how I'd make this work for them. One quick backyard clearance coming up!

Backyard Clearance Angaston

Backyard Clearance Angaston

You can see there are also some steel poles left over from a shade cloth structure. These were easy to take out which I left in a secure area away from where the kids would be playing. Even though the area looks like it may need some extra fill brought in to level it all out, that was not the case.

Those low spots are perfect for hiding the scraped back top layer and the high spots are what I use to level the whole area out. I came across a great bunch of rocks as well that would be great for landscaping, these were left in a pile also.

Backyard Clearance Angaston

Backyard Clearance Angaston

Overall this job took me 5 1/2 hours with no extra tip fees or expenses incurred by the owners. With my hourly rate you can't go wrong with a quick tidy up like this when you have me on the job.

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