Another big Backyard Landscaping Excavation that I've been working on over the course of three days out at Hillbank and as you can see, I initially didn't think I'd be able to do it simply because I may not have been able get my machines into the area. But I gave it a crack anyway and what do you know? Plenty of room....Just! There's also an in ground pool to the right that is not in the photos, so that was also an additional area I had to be pretty careful around. However, once I was able to get in and out, I started immediately transforming this confined backyard into something better using my skills as a Professional Earthmoving Contractor.

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services Hillbank

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services - Hillbank

As you can see, my clients backyard was in desperate need of a good Earthmoving Renovation. The original landscaping and levels were just all wrong and was certainly making it a challenge for them to do anything with. But this is what I like doing, turning a very unusable area into one that a family can actually live in. And that is what this job was about, with a new baby on the way, just where was all the play equipment, swings and jungle gym going to go? So once I new the purpose, I got my Bobcat and Mini Excavator in there and started excavating pronto.

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services - Northern Adelaide

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services Northern Adelaide

The previous owners had obviously spent a fair bit of cash on rocks which had been laid on top of each other, meaning more rocks were initially needed to create the stepped look you can see in the Before photo. In my opinion it's a misuse of those rocks as there was no need to lie them flat at all. It is more cost-effective to stack them like I've done in the After photo to create a perimeter garden area. My clients were happy to see most of those rocks go and I ended up doing 6 Tipper Truck loads to the refuse centre.

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services Barossa Valley

Backyard Landscaping Excavation Services - Barossa Valley

After 8 additional loads of dirt and another 2 tossed over the fence to a very happy neighbour, I was certainly glad to have completed this job. For every bucket of dirt to the truck I had to navigate that tight access squeeze through the garage and cross my fingers and toes not to hit anything (no chance of that though!).

Backyard Retaining Wall Preparation Services Hillbank Adelaide

Backyard Retaining Wall Preparation Services - Hillbank Adelaide

And finally (well almost) the finished levelled upper area of my clients transformed backyard. A nice rock perimeter with a couple relocated plants, now ready to be turfed. I've still got the lower level to finish off and backfill once the retaining wall is fully installed in the near future.

Overall, another happy client that I have enjoyed working for. I’m all about efficiency and perfection when I operate my Bobcat, Excavator and Tipper. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. This avoids wasting unnecessary time and money for us all.

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