This earthmoving job definitely falls into the category of big backyard renovations that I had the pleasure of doing for a fella out at Williamstown. He needed to make his yard easily accessible for large vehicles and easy for them turn around and drive out again. The only solution to that would be a Round-A-Bout style driveway and a lot of backyard leveling. Which you can see I was able to achieve in the picture below. I bet if you took a step back and estimated how long and how much you think this excavation task would take me. You'd probably be wrong!

Backyard Leveling & New Driveway Williamstown

Backyard Leveling and New Driveway Williamstown

So before I reveal how long this job took, here's a few more details. The owner originally thought there would be some tip fees involved to get rid of all that supposed excess dirt lying around in piles. That is simply not the case at all and there is also no need for any tip fees to dump the top layer of soil I'd have to scrape back. There's always some spot in every backyard that needs to be brought up to level or an area where I can simply hide the imperfect fill underneath the good stuff. This makes absolutely no difference aesthetically. It will only save the client money on both tip fees and the time it takes me to complete the job.

Backyard Leveling and New Driveway

Backyard Leveling & New Driveway

This job was completed in two parts. The first was 3.5 hours for me the completely scrape back and level the entire yard. No dumping required, so no tip fees. Then I had to wait for the client to organise delivery of the road gravel, which came a couple of days later. Once the gravel was on site I went back and spread that over the new round-a-bout driveway I'd created. That took 2 hours. So overall this job took me 5.5 hours to fully complete. If you check out my FAQ page, my hourly rate is mentioned there. So you can work out for yourself just how affordable this seemingly big job actually was.

Certainly another happy client that I can add to the list. I rely on word of mouth about my efficient, professional and affordable excavation services. So rest assured when I quote a job, you're getting the best rate and advice that my 40+ years of experience has taught me. So if you're in need of some quality Earthmoving Services Adelaide, be sure to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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