Here's two different job sites that I've completed some concrete preparation on recently. Both are for new houses that have just been built. The owners are in the process of getting all the house perimeter, footpaths and a large enough driveway for car car servicing, which will need to be concreted. It is definitely one of those big and expensive parts of building your own home. And that is why it is paramount to have the preparation done professionally. So I'm glad they called me. 

Concrete Preparation - Dolomite Sand

Concrete Preparation - Dolomite Sand

The property above has had Dolomite Sand which is also known as crushed quarry sand laid around the entire perimeter of the house. It's a great packing sand for use underneath concrete, paving, filling in trenches or just providing a compact sub-base.

Concrete Preparation - Blue Metal Road Base

Concrete Preparation - Blue Metal Road Base

This next property above and below has had Blue Metal Road Base spread around the house perimeter, footpaths and the entire driveway. The driveway is only part that won't be concreted, instead an extra layer of high quality Gravel Road Base will be spread over the top. In my experience, Blue Metal tends to hold up better against excessive water for properties that are lowset or completely flat.

Concrete Preparation - Blue Metal Road Base

Concrete Preparation - Blue Metal Road Base

So if you are having or planning to have a new house built make sure you get advice from someone that knows what they are doing. And will go that extra bit to help you out. Because project managing your house build is not easy. Using the wrong material in any kind of foundation preparation will cause you heartache later down the track.

I'm always happy to share my advice, steer you in the right direction or provide you my earthmoving services to get your job done efficiently that is cost effective.

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2 Thoughts on “Concrete Preparation: Dolomite Sand & Blue Metal Road Base”

  • Hi I’m looking to re metal a large horse shoe driveway and another couple of areas in Kalbeeba. Are you available to quote? Also possibly to prep and area for turf..

    • Hi Kari, sorry for my late reply. If you are still in need of this to be completed, feel free to give me a call on 0407155302 to chat further. Cheers, Ari.

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