A really nice fella just up the road from me was having big, big issues with his Septic Tank. After a bit of investigating we discovered not only was the Sewer Drainage Pipe blocked but it wasn't configured in the best way. He really needed a new sewer trench installation completed. The initial connection position to the tank was not the correct layout and because of this he was only using about 30% of the tanks capacity. And second, the direction and placement of the sewer line for drain-off was too close to the house, too short and not working in his favour.

Not to worry though, this can certainly be fixed and having an indepth understanding of  how Septic Tanks work (I had one at my last property for over two decades) works in my favour. This ensures my clients are left with a fully functioning Septic and Sewer Service.

New Sewer Trench Installation Mini Excavator Services Adelaide

In the above picture you can see where I've excavated the New Sewer Trench from the Septic Tank and down along the back of his yard in an L-Shape configuration. The previous run-off trench went straight down the block, toward the neighbour's yard which meant they were benefiting from the grey water keeping their grass nice and green. This new configuration keeps the drainage away from his house but still solely in his yard, where his grass will benefit greatly, especially in the summer time. My Mini Excavation Services are top notch and I only do what is best for the client and will last them well into the future. This new Sewer Line Installation has replaced many of the old styles that I see constantly and uses a Transpo-Evaporation Trench with Reln Drains instead.

New Sewer Trench Installation - Mini Excavator Services Adelaide

So if your stuck with an old Septic Tank that probably isn't functioning the way it should, feel free to give me a call on 0407 155 302 and I'll be happy to provide my advice and earthmoving services.

I’m all about efficiency and perfection when I operate my Bobcat, Excavator or Tipper. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. This avoids wasting unnecessary time and money for us all.

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