The easiest thing you can do to give your yard and property a face lift is to put in new turf. To ensure you get the best results possible, the New Turf Preparation needs to be done correctly and that is exactly what I specialise in and what I completed recently for a great fella out at Tanunda. His yard actually turned out to be quite big after everything had been removed.

New Turf Preparation Excavation Tanunda - Adelaide Bobcat Hire

New Turf Preparation Excavation - Tanunda

The front yard needed a good scrape back to remove the old grass and weeds. I also left a shallow trench for the owner as he was installing a water service line himself. Separating the front and backyard was a side panel constructed of concrete pillars and wood panels which had to be ripped out using my Mini Excavator Hire Adelaide Services. Once I'd completed the demolition I got straight into preparing the existing surface. All the old garden beds and plastic underlay were removed leaving a nice level surface ready to be turfed.

New Turf Preparation Excavation - Tanunda - MIni Excavator Hire Adelaide

New Turf Preparation Excavation Tanunda - MIni Excavator Hire Adelaide- MIni Excavator Hire Adelaide

Overall this job took just one day using my Bobcat, Mini Excavator & Tipper Combo Hire to complete. And because of the location and my connections to other people who are in need of clean fill, I was able to save my client money (hundreds!) on dumping fees by giving the dirt to someone who actually wants it. This is certainly something a lot of people forget to factor into their budget when wanting to complete a backyard project. Dumping Fees are charged by the ton, which varies depending on how clean or unclean your fill is (the dirtier the mix, the more expensive it will be per ton $100+). With the number of connections I have around the Barossa Valley and Northern Adelaide area of people in need of fill, I can almost always save you money on your dumping fees.

New Turf Preparation Barossa Valley

New Turf Preparation Northern Adelaide

So yet another happy client that I have enjoyed working for. I’m all about efficiency, perfection and saving my clients money where and when I can. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. So if you're in need of an Adelaide Bobcat Hire Service or Mini Excavator Hire Service, be sure to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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