I'll be honest, this shed demolition and removal job turned out to be bigger than I originally thought. Turned out the shed was, well basically a shed within a shed. Completely decked out with insulation and inner wall for a teenage style retreat. Having a couple of kids myself (now all grown up thank god) I can relate with wanting to give them their own space away from the main house. But heck, this shed was a doozy! More time, more demo and more tip fees involved than anticipated for both me and the client. However, the task was still completed in less than 2 full days and we worked out the best way to save money where we could.

Shed Demolition And Removal Prospect

Shed Demolition And Removal - Prospect

So let's start from the beginning. Above you'll see the typical tight access to your normal suburban property that I am often faced with. This is generally no big deal. However, this job was going to involve multiple tip loads. I could fit my Bobcat and Mini Excavator through to the backyard, but my Tipper Truck simply couldn't get down there.

So this meant a bit of extra time would be needed for me to cart each bucket load of waste back out through that tight access to my truck. There was simply no other way around it and the client was fine with this. So I cracked on and started demolishing the shed.

Shed Demolition And Removal Barossa Valley

Shed Demolition And Removal - Barossa Valley

It was not long after this point that I realised just how robust this shed really was. Complete with insulation, extra steel lining layer and inner chipboard wall, made this simple demo 3 fold to what we both originally thought. As mentioned above though, the owner was on board with the additional time and tip fees this was going to cost.

Shed Demolition And Removal Northern Adelaide

Shed Demolition And Removal - Northern Adelaide

Overall this job took me 13.5 hours work and 6 Tip Loads of builders waste. All the steel was recycled and picked up free of charge by a scrap metal recycling business. The tip loads consisted of all the chipboard, wood, concrete slab and rocks lying around the backyard. The yard then also needed to be completely leveled off and prepared for the owner to start fresh from.

Now I'm not exactly sure what my clients budget was for this shed demolition and removal task, but it's safe to say I came in well under his estimated price. He did mention I'd saved him 'thousands' from this task and from a bit of advice I gave him regarding his front fence issue. Happy to help out mate!

Shed Demolition And Removal Adelaide

Shed Demolition And Removal - Adelaide

Yet another happy customer that I can add to the list. I rely on word of mouth about my efficient, professional and affordable excavation services. So rest assured when I quote a job, you're getting the best rate and advice that my 40+ years of experience has taught me. So if you're in need of some quality Earthmoving Services Adelaide, be sure to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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