Out at Ward Belt near Gawler today, leveling out a new horse arena for Alba View Equestrian Horse Riding School. It's important to ensure the area is prepared expertly to an even level and that rocks and rubble are removed before layering the top layer of sand. You can see from picture that the horse arena looks great and is now ready to start teaching kids how to ride a horse.

Horse Arena Update:

Why have just one Horse Arena when you can have two? Alba View Equestrian 'Learn To Ride' has gained more interest and clients that they now need a second arena. Now my grand daughter rides here almost every weekend and absolutely loves it. So aside from giving Tania from Alba View a good publicity plug, I'm always available to prepare a New Horse Arena if that is what you are after.

Bobcat Services Adelaide - New Horse Arena Leveling

Bobcat Services Adelaide - New Horse Arena Leveling

Bobcat Services Northern Adelaide - New Horse Arena Leveling

If you’ve got an area that you want transformed or simply leveled out, I’ll be happy to assist and provide you the expert advice needed to go forward.  Just call 0407 155 302 for a chat today.

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