Here's a property located at Williamstown in the beautiful Barossa Valley that is having some major outdoor renovations conducted. The following pictures and work below were completed over a few days on separate occasions. The biggest difference is the new shed and 2 x 22,500L water tanks. My job was to first do a little demolition, prepare the shed and tank pad as well as dig the trenching for power, water and sewage.

Shed And Tank Pad Preparation Williamstown

Tank Pad Preparation Williamstown

You can see above there was a big slab of concrete that needed to be removed first as this is where the new shed was going to be built. Now a little tip here. Depending on how thick a concrete slab is and if it has mesh holding it together, you may be able to remove without the need for a jackhammer.

Or specifically the many hours it would take to hire someone to jackhammer it up. As you can see I was able to remove the concrete easily with the my bobcat bucket because the slab wasn't too thick and there was no inner mesh.

Shed Pad Preparation Williamstown

Shed And Tank Pad Preparation Barossa Valley

Next we have the tank pad which you can see has been prepared above. And then all I had to do is move the tanks into position on the pad without digging them into the bedding sand. I've done this plenty of times without damaging the tanks and ultimately save my clients money they would have spent hiring someone else to do it.

I also installed a little 5,000L tank up near the shed that you can see in the picture above.

Lastly all the trenches for power, water and sewage were dug which went from the new shed down toward the 2 tanks. No issues there as my Mini Excavator is the perfect machine to do this.

Trenching Preparation Williamstown

Trenching Preparation Barossa Valley

Trenching Completed Williamstown

Examples of my trenching being dug then filled back in and leveled off above. I take a lot of pride to ensure the trenches are dug to the right depth with precision and to not damage anything in the process (i.e. the newly installed shed!).

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