Concrete Preparation - Dolomite Sand and Blue Metal Road Base

Concrete Preparation: Dolomite Sand & Blue Metal Road Base

Here’s two different job sites that I’ve completed some concrete preparation on recently. Both are for new houses that have just been built and the owners are in the process of getting all the outer concreting done. It is definitely one of those big and expensive parts of building your own home and that is why it is paramount to have the preparation done professionally.

Backyard Leveling & New Driveway Excavation Williamstown

Backyard Leveling & New Driveway (Williamstown SA 5351)

This earthmoving job definitely falls into the category of big backyard renovations that I had the pleasure of doing for a fella out at Williamstown. He needed to make his yard easily accessible for large vehicles and easy for them turn around and drive out again. The only solution to that would be a Round-A-Bout style driveway which I was certainly able to create.

Retaining Wall - Bobcat Services Hewett

Retaining Wall Excavation (Hewett SA 5118)

Just look at the difference a little bobcat work and earthmoving can do for a simple backyard renovation. Creates a total change in space, access and aesthetic appeal to the property. I’m sure even Rover (pictured) is happier now his playground is an even surface to run around on. This job today was located out at Hewett, one of my local stomping grounds, and I was asked to excavate their driveway.

Driveway Levelling - Earthmoving Services Northern Adelaide

New Driveway Leveling (Gould Creek SA 5114)

Here’s a fantastic property out at Gould Creek, very large and rural and in need of some New Driveways as you can see from the pictures. These are the jobs I love, I get to use all my machines (Tipper, Excavator and Bobcat) and play in the dirt all day to give this rural property an awesome face lift. I think people often underestimate the difference a bit of professional excavation can really do for their properties.