Just look at the difference a little bobcat work and earthmoving can do for a simple backyard renovation. Creates a total change in space, access and aesthetic appeal to the property. I'm sure even Rover (pictured) is happier now his playground is an even surface to run around on. This job today was located out at Hewett, one of my local stomping grounds, and I was asked to excavate their driveway which goes all the way to the back of the property, in preparation for a retaining wall excavation to go in. Absolutely no worries at all, this is my specialty and the type of jobs I enjoy because I can get it complete in a short time and really impress my clients.

Retaining Wall Excavation - Hewett

Retaining Wall Excavation Hewett

Now I'm pretty sure this particular client may have heard I'm all about efficiency in the way I do jobs and will always aim to line up the most cost-effective method to complete their task. Well the client and his neighbour had lined up an awesome deal that benefited everyone and I was only too happy to go along with it! You see, the next door neighbour had a pool that needed to be filled in, so he was in need of an Earthmoving Contractor to not only complete this but he would also be up for a hefty bill to get the dirt to do it.

So the deal was this: they removed a portion of the fence separating their yards, giving me free access to move between their yards with my bobcat. And as I removed the dirt from my clients yard I'd go and dump it in the next door neighbours pool. A win, win for everyone. No dumping fees for my client or additional time for me to transport the dirt to a quarry and the neighbour would have saved a packet on getting new dirt to fill.

Retaining Wall Excavation - Bobcat Services

Retaining Wall Excavation Bobcat Services

This job in total took just 4 hours and I charge $110/hr (incl. GST). So lets assume they went halves in that.....just $220 each to get a big driveway prepared for a Retaining Wall Excavation and to get a Pool Filled in, all in one morning. So what I would really like to get across to my readers and clients is if you have a need for an Earthmoving Service to be completed and may be stressing about the time, money and organisation of it, don't! Just give me a call on 0407 155 302 and I'll be happy to provide my advice and earthmoving services to get you sorted as quick as I can.

Retaining Wall Excavation - Bobcat Hire Adelaide

Retaining Wall Excavation Bobcat Hire Adelaide

I’m all about efficiency and perfection when I operate my Bobcat, Excavator or Tipper. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. This avoids wasting unnecessary time and money for us all.

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