I'm certainly equipped to conduct site clean ups and dirt removal with my Tipper and Bobcat Combo Hire. One particular new house construction in Hewett already had the Footings Excavation arranged by the builder, however they had over 100 ton of excess dirt to remove.

Fast and efficient is how I work and even though my Tipper holds just 6 tonne per load, the other contractors were very impressed with the speed I was able to do it in. And because of the small footprint my machines make, I'm able to get on site in less than pleasant conditions when it does decide to rain a little.

Dirt Removal Hewett Bobcat Services

Dirt Removal Hewett - Bobcat Services

With jobs like these, I give my best advice on how to go about removing the dirt and ensuring my timing lines up in conjunction with any other contractors on site, so it doesn't cost the client any more money or time than is needed. If I can see that some of the soil may be needed further ahead in the build for things like yard leveling, retaining walls or even replacing a lesser grade of soil, I will certainly let the client know, which usually saves them money ahead of time.

Dirt Removal Hewett Bobcat Hire Adelaide

Dirt Removal Hewett - Bobcat Hire Adelaide

This job required both the Bobcat and Tipper to complete, working alongside other trades. Usually the builder arranges the coordination of tasks like these, however on this particular one, I was able to interact with the client and coordinate my time a lot better and give my sound advice. Because of this, I am now also completing the Earthworks required for the adjoining two new house sites.

Site Clean Up Hewett Bobcat Hire Adelaide

Site Clean Up Hewett - Bobcat Hire Adelaide

So, if you're currently or thinking about have a new home built and require the services of an experienced Earthmoving Contractor, I recommend you give me a call on 0407 155 302 to discuss how I can assist you.

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4 Thoughts on “Site Clean Up & Dirt Removal (Hewett SA 5118)”

  • I have a land of about 7000 sq. m at 102 Brandis Road, Munno Para West. There are few rubbish, bad and good soils. I would like to remove the rubbish and bad soils and then do the leveling. Can you give me a quote.

    • Hi Adam, I’d be happy to help you out. Can you send me your phone number so I can give you a call to chat. Either email me at aripeltonen60@gmail.com or Facebook message at Ari’s Excavations. Direct text via my mobile number is also fine on 0407 155 302. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi
    My house is going to be build and footing for built area is about 210 sqm. I don’t know how much sand or dirt will be removed for this. I want to keep some good soil to level and for raised bed garden. Can u give me a quote. This plot is in Mitchell park.

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