Bobcat Hire Adelaide - Site Leveling Roseworthy

Site Leveling (Roseworthy SA 5371)

Back at Roseworthy today and continuing on with some more Earthworks for Mystic Marine – Local Boat Builder. They are currently renovating their new Business Site, which is certainly starting to take shape. I’d just like to mention that these guys are great people and have been awesome clients to work for, so if you are looking for a Boat/Ship Builder and Designer, certainly add them to your list.

Ari's Excavations Bobcat Services Adelaide - Shed Pad

Shed Pad Leveling (Roseworthy SA 5371)

Today’s client needed their Shed Pad prepped and leveled in lead up to having the cement slab laid. The hard fill had already been dropped off, so the task was by all means a standard and fairly quick job to complete using my skills as a Bobcat Operator. However, after a bit of a survey of the surrounding area outside of the shed, I noticed the surface was fairly uneven and that the recent rain had collected in puddles.