I like to call this job 'The Block 4' - New House Earthmoving Service. Believe it or not, this started off with one earthmoving service job and from there the word of mouth from neighbour to neighbour of my excavating adventures from Lot 1 soon spread (see my earlier post here). When you're having a New House built and need a reliable and trustworthy contractor, you should definitely give me a call. Building a new home should be an adventure, but more often than not it's just plain darn stressful for the owner. Dealing with multiple trades is certainly not everyone's cup of tea and because of this, I make it my mission to solve as many issues as I can with each of my clients. I figure the easier I make it for you, the easier it is for me.

New House Earthmoving Service Northern Adelaide

New House Earthmoving Service Adelaide

Money was saved all over the place throughout this job when both the neighbours and I realised that as the saying goes 'one persons trash is another mans treasure'. Now as you can see from the photos, the sites are all at different declining levels and will require a site cut in order to install retaining walls. Depending on their block of land some will end up with huge amounts of excess dirt, while others will require more soil to level their yards out. Meaning lots of extra dollars needed all around to either get dirt in or get dirt out (this costs lots!).

But since they hired me and I'm all about saving time, money and abiding by the law of karma, I can honestly say I saved them each a bundle. The excess soil from Lot 2 was able to be carted straight next door to Lot 3 to build the level up to meet the retaining wall. Over the days that I was on site, no matter whose, I always detoured here and there amongst the trades to have all the sites cleaned, levelled and accessible.

New House Earthmoving Service - Barossa Valley

New House Earthmoving Service Barossa Valley

Now realistically I had multiple opportunities to double charge my clients for the same job when helping them out, but that is not what I am about. From all the photos I take of my completed jobs, it's obvious I take pride in my work and aim for a perfectly completed excavation task every time. If you want a down to earth and plain old honest earthmoving service contractor, then certainly give me a call on 0407 155 302 today.

New House Earthmoving Service - Barossa Valley

New House Earthmoving Service Barossa Valley

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