This clients backyard was a whole meter (plus some) higher than the house and was not a flat surface at all. Pretty unusable if you ask me and really bad for rain run off. So they wanted this problem sorted out and to do that I had to do a massive backyard dirt removal task. I could see there was a lot of dirt to be taken away and likely more than the owners anticipated. The biggest issue or should I say obstacle was navigating my access up their driveway, under the patio area and through to the backyard. I estimated I'd be doing this over 100 times easily.

150T Backyard Dirt Removal Earthmoving Service Gawler East

150T Backyard Dirt Removal Excavation Service Gawler

But that wasn't a problem as I'm extremely careful when it comes to squeezing through tight access areas. Now the next thing I would like to mention and which is also the reason I tend to get quite a lot of these domestic backyard jobs. Is my contacts of other people that either need dirt or want dirt removed from their properties.

So take this job for example. I moved approximately 150T of dirt from this one backyard. Most of the dirt was classed as clean-fill with a few mixed loads. The tipping fees range from $7/T for clean-fill and $10/T for mixed. Therefore ontop of my labour bill, these clients were also looking at a tipping bill of approximately $1250-$1500. Thats a big chunk of money.

150T Backyard Dirt Removal - Earthmoving Service Northern Adelaide

150T Backyard Dirt Removal - Earthmoving Service Adelaide

Luckily I had a contact in the same area as this client that wanted a lot of dirt to build up a section of their property. This worked out perfectly for everyone. The only additional fee my client had to pay was 2 extra hours that it took me to spread that dirt over at that property. Usually this isn't needed but I couldn't just leave a massive dirt pile in someone elses backyard like that. I don't know about you but paying my fee of $242 to spread the dirt over tipping fees up to $1500 wins hands down any day.

So overall this job took me 2 full days to complete, which included removing 150T dirt over 25 truck loads. Dumping at property that wanted the dirt and then spreading it level also. Definitely another Backyard Project job that I'm happy to have completed for a local. If you backyard could do with something simliar and my machines can fit, then feel free to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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