With a sloping yard like this, creating a 3-Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall is the easiest way to use the space effectively. Simply putting in a beautiful tiered garden bed will do wonders to the aesthetic appeal of the entire property. This house out at Cockatoo Valley (gorgeous area in the Barossa Valley by the way!) is built on a slight high point with the yard on a downward slope. Which isn't very good for installing any play equipment for the kids or for conducting regular lawn maintenance.

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Adelaide

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Cockatoo Valley

The owner already had all the rocks on site for me to use, which was bloody brilliant. Meaning there was no extra transport or quarry fees for him to worry about. No extra soil was need to beef up the yard, I could see I had all that I needed to get the job done. So I got cracking on transforming this 'dead space' into something he could use.

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Adelaide

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Cockatoo Valley

Now the owner originally wanted me to only do a 2 Tier Retaining Wall. However after I inspected the rocks, I noticed there was a bunch that wouldn't be big enough to handle the depth of the second tier. So that's why there is a section to the right of the house that has 3 tiers on its own. Turns out this worked out perfectly and the owner was more than happy with the outcome. That spot is sure to be a bit of a feature garden I reckon.

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Northern Adelaide

3 Tier Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Northern Adelaide

Overall this job took me 11 hours over 2 days in total. No extra materials, transport or tip fees were incurred by the owner, just pure on site work. The levels have been left just slightly shallower than how I normally leave them. This is because the base is sand and the owner will need some space to put a layer of fresh soil and fertiliser for his new garden.

Definitely another Backyard Project job that I'm happy to have completed for a local. If you're interested in installing a tiered retaining wall garden like this in your yard, then feel free to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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