Having a Tiered Backyard Rock Retaining Wall created in a yard that is built on a slope is the easiest way to use the space effectively. Take this yard for example. The house is built on the lowest level with the backyard sloping upward to the end of the block. This makes yard maintenance a hassle and even more of an issue trying to give your kids a leveled area to play on. I've done quite a few of these similar retaining wall jobs in the past. So my clients issue this time was nothing I hadn't seen before.

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Adelaide

What I was tasked to do with this backyard as pictured above and below, was to use the rocks already there and create a 2 Tier Retaining Wall. However the rocks themselves weren't big enough to have a single solid supporting wall. So my advice was to create a second tier to spread the load and put a garden bed in between them. And honestly, I think that looked a lot more aesthetically pleasing as well. Especially because it was going to be the perimeter around his new outdoor patio area that was being built.

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Northern Adelaide

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Angaston

Now there wasn't quite enough rocks to complete both tiers. But I was able to source what was needed for the client at a very affordable price. I always aim to do this with every job I do. After both tiers of the backyard rock retaining wall were installed I did a quick level around the very top and the bottom patio area to tidy up. No tip fees or extra fili was needed. So the only additional cost not originally planned for was the extra rocks. Overall this job took me 8.5 hours using both my Bobcat and Mini Excavator to complete.

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Adelaide

Backyard Rock Retaining Wall Earthmoving Service Northern Adelaide

Certainly another Backyard Project job complete with a happy client to show for it. If you have a similar looking yard and want to do some earthmoving renovations to make it more usable, then definitely give me a call on 0407 155 302 today.

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