On the backyard renovation wagon again today. Well specifically a Backyard Patio Excavation to be a bit more precise. This yard was not big at all and what space they did have was pretty much unusable for anything recreational. Too much of an awkward concrete jungle for such a small space in my opinion. But that's exactly why they hired me. I'm a bit of an expert earthmover when it comes to preparing and transforming a yard in a short amount of time. And being affordable at the same time. Keep on reading!

Backyard Patio Area Excavation Angaston

Backyard Patio Area Excavation - Angaston

So it was definitely a tight space to gain access to and work with. This does put a lot of other Excavation Contractors off a bit. However, if I can access it and my machines are capable of the job, you've got yourself a Professional Earthmover to get it done. The client was great and had the yard all tidied up so I could get started straight away. There were a few obstacles such as the water tanks, shed and house to navigate around. Doesn't slow me done though!

What the clients were aiming to achieve afterward was to put in an Outdoor Patio Area and a Leveled Play Area for the kids. You can see from the before photos that there is a raised concrete garden bed all around the house and the levels of the patches of grass are all over the place. So they weren't even able to put in a Jungle Gym for the kids because of the uneven surfaces.

Backyard Patio Area Excavation Northern Adelaide

Backyard Patio Area Excavation - Northern Adelaide

Now this job falls into my category of 'Done In A Day Or Less' jobs. Yep, that's right. Just me, my Bobcat, Mini Excavator and Tipper Combo. Here's a few more details to take note of. There was absolutely no tip fees involved for this client. That's because I make an effort to get to know people around the areas I work. And I'm referring to people who a wanting free fill and people who are needing some free ad-hoc earthmoving when it's available.

This client had a couple of loads of concrete to get rid of. Luckily I knew someone who had a great big hole that needed to be filled. This concrete was perfect for providing a strong base that once fill was dumped on top, would mould around and create that for them. A win for both clients in my opinion. I like to save clients money where I can and reuse material where it's suited. No point paying to dump stuff if someone else will take it for free.

Backyard Patio Area Excavation Barossa Valley

Backyard Patio Area Excavation - Barossa Valley

So just shy of a full days work, this client now has a prepped backyard for a New Patio and Kids Play Area to go in. Does this type of job resonate with you or similar to your backyard? If it doesn and you want to make some changes, I recommend  you give me a call on 0407 155 302 so  I can come out and give you a Free Quote.

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