Check out this sloping backyard and you tell me what you can do with it in its current state? Pretty much nothing and that's why this fella has hired me to make it a more useable and family friendly backyard. There is still always going to be a slight slope to the area unless a whole lot (and I mean a lot) of dirt is brought in, otherwise my job is to take the edge off, prepare it for a backyard retaining wall and make it turfable. So outcomes the Bobcat to begin a pretty quick backyard site level.

Backyard Retaining Wall Excavation - Bobcat Services Gawler East

Backyard Retaining Wall Excavation Gawler East

So once I got going I was on a roll. The weedy top layer came off first and was stashed to the side for the time being. If a client is happy to save a bit of money (and this one was) I can simply bury the mixed dirt down deep and then level over the top. This is pretty handy especially if a client needs fill to bring the site level up. The way I bury it, there is no chance of weeds surviving and finding their way to the surface. So the client will save on Dirt, Tipping Fees and my Hourly Rate. A good deal in my opinion.

Backyard Retaining Wall - Bobcat Services Gawler

Backyard Retaining Wall Bobcat Services Gawler

Overall this job took no more than 3 hours for me to fix a pretty miserable looking backyard up. All it needs now is a quick turf. So if you have a similar looking yard at your place and think it's a difficult thing to get sorted. Don't stress, simply give me a call on 0407 155 302 and I'll out to provide a quick quote and my best advice on how to get the job done. With my Bobcat, Mini Excavator & Tipper Combo Hire you'd be surprised at just how little time this type of job takes me. Not even a Full Days Work!

So yet another happy client that I have enjoyed working for. I’m all about efficiency, perfection and saving my clients money where and when I can. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. So if you're in need of some quality Earthmoving Services Adelaide, be sure to give me a call on 0407 155 302.

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