Demo, dig, dump, clear and level! That is exactly what this Subdivision Demolition Excavation job was all about and what a massive job it turned out to be. This odd-shaped block of land is tucked in between a couple of houses in a suburban area and is destined to be Subdivided by the owner and Developed into two beautiful new house sites. The only problem is it is full to the brim of concrete, debris, rubble and overgrown vegetation. Not to worry though, I'm not one to turn my back on a challenge and trust me, this job certainly did challenge my Excavator, Bobcat and Tipper Combo Hire. But my skill and experience as a Professional Earthmoving Contractor got it sorted no sweat!

Subdivision Demolition Excavation Services Adelaide

Subdivision Demolition - Excavation Services Adelaide

Did I mention there was concrete? Concrete from the old stone house that had already been half demolished some time ago. Concrete from the all the hidden (and huge) footing foundations beneath the surface. Concrete from the house, patio and landscaping slabs and concrete from the recently filled in pool (also done by me earlier as a favour to a client, full job article here).

Subdivision Demolition & Leveling Willaston Earthmoving Services

Subdivision Demolition & Leveling Willaston - Earthmoving Services

Overall, to completely remove all that darn concrete, it took 16 Full Tipper Loads. Who would have thought there would be that much concrete on one property? Not me and certainly not the owner. That's because it didn't appear to be that much initially. It wasn't until I got digging, that I realised just how deep and thick the foundations really were, which would require more time. When these occasions do arise, I'm always quick to notify the client and ensure they are happy for me to continue to the end. Trust me, I don't like surprises either and I know not to surprise a client with a larger quoted bill when I can simply give them a call first.

Subdivision Demolition & Leveling Excavation Services

Subdivision Demolition & Leveling - Excavation Services

Another happy client that is ready to have their block Subdivided and Developed. I’m all about efficiency and perfection when I operate my Bobcat, Excavator and Tipper. When I quote a job for a potential client, I also provide my expert advice on how they should get the job done and ensure any other materials that are needed are on site and ready to go to. This avoids wasting unnecessary time and money for us all.

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