What makes Back or Front Yard Excavations really great? It's one that is fast, affordable and done professionally! And that is exactly what I am all about when I arrive at every single property that I work on.

So to give you an idea of what I can accomplish in just a few hours, here's some pictures of a very small and tiny front yard I worked on recently. As you can see the front yard is on an awkward steep slope. The owner wanted that area turned into a Terraced Garden and the Driveway needed to be leveled off in a way to enable drainage.  No worries at all! All complete in a couple of hours with a happy client ready to have his driveway concreted and garden installed.

Front Yard Excavations - Terracing at Freeling

Front Yard Excavations Terracing at Freeling

Another popular excavation job I'm constantly doing lately is a Backyard Site Level. Must be something in the water because everyone is doing some kind of backyard renovation at the moment. Whether it's just to rip up the existing weed infested grass to lay some new turf; to build a new shed; or install a new garden, I'm only too happy to offer my services.

This pretty simple backyard level excavation pictured below was done in a jiffy and is now a blank canvas, ready to turn into something more useful for the owner. My money is on a new big shed.

Backyard Leveling For Shed Pad - Bobcat Services Adelaide

Backyard Leveling For Shed Pad - Bobcat Services Barossa Valley

So that's it for this quick post of how quickly I complete your next front or backyard renovation. Sure, I'm in the business of making a comfortable living, however I prefer to work hard and be accountable for the prices I charge my clients. So rest assured I am certainly not in the game of over-charging people. I only charge by the hour, with the added clause of a 2 hour minimum charge.

So if I do end up taking less or more time to complete your job, I'll invoice accordingly. I always make that clear when I submit my initial quote. And hey, if I know that I can finish your job off in less than 2 hours and can see potentially more excavating work I can do on your property. I'll definitely bring this up at the time of quoting, so you get your money's worth.

So don't put off that niggly task of tidying up your property for fear of it costing you an exuberant amount and being a pain to organise. I can take care of most of the fine details for you. My quotes are free which includes a site visit, so you really have nothing to lose by giving me a call sooner rather than later. My number is 0407 155 302 and if I don't answer it's because I'm likely playing in the dirt with my machines. So please leave a message with your name and contact number and I will most certainly call you back. Ari.

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